Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Blog and 7 Tips to Increase Engagement

Blogging is the best way to bring new traffic to your website without having to spend any money on advertising.

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Did you know that nonprofit organizations with an active blog receive 55% more website visitors than those who don’t have a blog? That’s because the main source of new content on a nonprofit’s website is its blog and without fresh, engaging content, website visitors will quickly become bored and move on.

A blog also allows your nonprofit to share your story, connect with your audience, and build relationships with potential donors and volunteers. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of blogging for nonprofits and give you 7 tips to help increase engagement on your blog!

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Blog

As a nonprofit organization, it is important to have an active blog on your website for several reasons. First and foremost, blogging allows you to share your story with the world. By sharing your organization’s story, you can connect with potential donors and volunteers on a deeper level and provide them with a better understanding of your mission. Additionally, blogging is an effective marketing tool that can help increase the reach of your nonprofit without having to spend money on advertising. And finally, blogging provides an opportunity for you to build relationships with other nonprofits and thought leaders in your industry!

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of having a blog for nonprofits, let’s dive into some tips to help you increase engagement on your blog.

7 Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Nonprofit Blog

Engagement is key when it comes to blogging – the more engaged your audience is, the more likely they are to take action (whether that’s donating to your cause or volunteering their time). Here are 7 tips to help you increase engagement on your nonprofit blog:

1. Share stories, not just facts

Share personal stories from those who have been impacted by your organization. These stories will resonate with your audience and help them connect with your mission on a deeper level. Most nonprofit organizations call these, “impact stories”. Humans are drawn to stories – it’s how we’ve communicated since the beginning of time. Stories of impact from your organization are one of the best ways to build credibility and trust of the reader and are the number one factor in whether or not someone gives!

2. Use images and videos

Adding visuals to your blog posts can help make them more engaging and easier to digest. Try incorporating photos, infographics, and videos into your posts to break up the text and keep readers engaged. You have heard the phrase an image is worth a thousand words – this is especially true when it comes to blog engagement! Don’t have a photographer or a videographer on your team? No worries, you can even find some great free images and videos that you can download and use on your blog by going to Pexels.com. It’s free to use!

3. Ask questions

Engage your readers by asking questions at the end of your blog posts. This will encourage them to leave a comment and start a conversation! If you don’t have comments turned on, which we recommend unless you have someone on your team who is dedicated to spending time monitoring and responding to comments daily, asking questions gets people thinking and applying your content to their life situations which in turn will keep your organization on the front of there mind. That’s not a bad place to be when you are hoping to turn the reader into a donor or volunteer!

4. Use strong headlines

Grab attention with strong, compelling headlines that accurately reflect the content of your blog post. Not only is this good for letting your readers know exactly what to expect in your post, but this is a great way to generate traffic to your blog! If you have a great headline, people are more likely to share your blog post on social media, which will help increase your reach. Search engines will also pick up on your blog titles and show people who are searching the internet your blog, and consequently, your website.

5. Keep it short and sweet

No one wants to read a long, drawn-out blog post. Keep your posts concise and to the point to keep readers engaged from start to finish. There are no extra points for writing longer posts. In fact, shorter blog posts are proven to be more effective in terms of engagement!

6. End with a call-to-action

Encourage readers to take action by ending your blog post with a call-to-action (CTA). Whether you’re asking them to donate, volunteer, or simply learn more about your organization, a CTA is a great way to turn readers into engaged supporters. Having a call to action on every page of your website is a great way to keep people on your website longer and increase the chances of them taking action! Like this:

If you like the value we provide for your nonprofit organization would you consider giving to Five & Two so we can continue providing value for years to come?

7. Think outside the blog

While it’s important to have a strong blog presence, don’t forget that there are other ways to engage your audience. Try incorporating interactive content, like quizzes and polls, or even hosting a webinar or virtual event! There are endless possibilities when it comes to content creation, so get creative and think outside the blog to keep your audience engaged.

We hope these tips help you increase engagement on your organization’s blog! Nonprofit blogging is a great way to connect with your audience, build trust, and generate leads without spending a lot of money. Keep at it and don’t forget to have fun!