About Us

Five & Two Ministries Inc. has been a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit in accordance with the IRS since 2019 and exists to multiply the impact that other nonprofit organizations can have on the world around them…for free.

We do this by optimizing and managing the way nonprofits tell their story with their brand, online marketing strategies, website design & functionality, and social media interactions.

We have a heart for the nonprofit leader who has sacrificed so much in life in order to do the work that God has undoubtably called them to. They are on an important mission and we don’t want that mission to be a failure. We don’t want to see them give up on what God has called them to like so many before them have. 

Together, with your help, we can stand in the gap for them. Will you help them?

Our Mission

Enrich Them

We most often connect with nonprofits in times of desperate need. A lot of times, they have lost their spark. Our primary goal is to remind them of the promises of God. Where God guides, He will continue to provide. We are just a small piece of that puzzle.

Equip Them

In the process of building a life-long relationship with the people we work with, we also want to equip them to be better. We want to equip them with training, connections, tools, and important information that will help guide them for years to come.

Empower Them

Our hope is that everyone we work with will be so enriched & equipped that they are empowered and compelled to pay it forward. Our hope is that after working with Five&Two they will be able to have massive impact on the world and for the Kingdom of God.