Our Mission

Our mission is to empower nonprofit organizations to reach more people, have greater impact, and do more good in a broken world. We achieve this by providing consulting, branding, marketing, custom technology, and strategic services to faith-based organizations enabling them to effectively communicate and engage with donors, volunteers, and mission-advocates. We strive to shoulder the burden of these essential functions, freeing our partners to focus on what they do best – making a profound and eternal impact on the world around them.
Five and Two Ministries Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit in accordance with the IRS.




We encounter organizations at various stages, some of which are struggling to maintain their momentum or even survive. In these situations, we undertake a comprehensive assessment of the organization, identifying elements that require rejuvenation, reform, or introduction to restore health and stimulate growth. Our intervention breathes new life into these nonprofits, reviving their capacity to effect change and fulfill their mission.



For organizations that are not in immediate need of revival but seek to augment their efficacy, we offer empowerment. This may take the form of software solutions, tools, consulting services, training, and more. We equip these organizations with the necessary resources and guidance, while they retain the responsibility for execution. This empowerment allows them to function more efficiently and make a more significant impact on their cause.



There are times when we identify a gap in service that necessitates the creation of an entirely new nonprofit. When this occurs, we rally individuals under a unified mission and vision to address this need, simultaneously equipping them to reach their full potential and align with the divine calling on their lives. We facilitate the establishment of an official nonprofit corporation, akin to a 'business in a box' solution. Our role primarily lies in the inception of the nonprofit and recruitment of individuals to steward the organization, nurturing their spiritual and professional growth as they do. This planting of new nonprofits cultivates fresh avenues for service and change in our communities, and allows us to 'equip the saints' for the work that God has prepared for them.