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No Hungry Children’s mission is to transform the lives of 1 million African children in poverty by feeding them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the glory of God.

Website Cleanup

In our first 6 months of working with No Hungry Children we focused on doing 2 things: a major cleanup of content and the design of the website, and creating engaging marketing campaigns that people can get involved in. We plan to do a entire website refresh once we have more user data to analyze in the coming months. However, this simple website cleanup alone has produced great results so far!


What we did

After evaluating No Hungry Children’s website, we saw a couple of clear issues. 

  1. There was too much content on every page.
  2. They design was outdated.
  3. There hadn’t been a content update in several years.
  4. No data was being tracked to know what was working and what wasn’t working on the website.
  5. No ongoing improvements were happening.
  6. Giving was a long and tedious process that often led to people leaving even though they wanted to give.

In order to fix these issues we:

Gave The Website
Slight A Design Refresh

Refreshed All

Installed Tracking
On Every Page

Simplified the
Overall Content & Messaging

Built A Custom
Giving Solution

Began A/B Testing
Website Data

Results So far


Increase In
Website Traffic

Our engaging marketing campaigns and outward promotion doubled the traffic to their website.


Increase In
Session Duration

Cleaning up the content and the visual design has led people to stick around longer on the website.


Increase In Giving

All of the combined changes we have made to No Hungry Children’s marketing has almost doubled their giving…in just 6 months!

With your partnership we can help more nonprofits see this kind of success!