We are changing the way nonprofits tell their story

We partner with struggling nonprofits for free to help them better communicate and engage with donors or volunteers so they can focus on the areas of their mission they are most passionate about.

Reach More People

Have More Impact

Do More Good

Most nonprofits don’t have the time, money, or expertise to effectively market their cause

There are a little over 1.5 million nonprofits right here in the US alone and a lot of them are struggling to survive. They are struggling to get enough volunteers or enough donors, and consequently, they don’t have time to have the impact that they know they were called to have in the world. 

Most of these nonprofits don’t have a clue how to fix their problem, nor do they have the extra money to hire someone to do it for them. We believe that what these nonprofits are doing in the world is important, and their mission is critical to those in need

With your partnership we can help them before it is too late!

Most Nonprofit Leaders…

Feel like giving up on their calling

We craft their story and tell it to the masses in order to find people who believe in and engage with the nonprofits mission

Don't have the funding they need

We build the tools and communication infrastructure needed to find and keep new donors for the long haul.

Can’t help as many as they want

These Leaders can finally stop spending all of their time looking for donors or volunteers and can focus their energy on serving the people they are called to help.

We have Seen Too Many Nonprofit Leaders lose hope & Give Up On Their Mission

We get it. Running a nonprofit is not easy. The good news is, there is help for these leaders!

This is what drives us. We can’t sit back and let them give up on what God has called them to do when we know how to help them. Between Five & Two and our network, we not only have decades of experience working in the nonprofit world, but also in design, marketing, communication, web development, consulting, and many other areas. We want to use our experience and expertise to remove the burden for these nonprofit leaders and breathe some new life back into their mission.

Will you help us spark new life in nonprofits around the world?

Zero cost marketing services for nonprofits

We come alongside these nonprofits for free so they can focus on the part of their mission that they are most passionate about. 

Our partnership gets them to a place where they can finally:

Feed More
Hungry Children

Bring Water To
Another Village

Save That Next Girl
From Trafficking

Keep That Veteran
Off The Streets

Project Donation

In order for us to take on the next nonprofit project we have to have the project funded in advance. Will you help us fund another nonprofit success story?

Current Project

Learn more about our partnership with No Hungry Children and how we are opening doors for more children to be fed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

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You Give

Your donation will help fund the next project and lighten the load for a nonprofit who is in desperate need.


We Build

We spend our time and energy on building the tools that these nonprofits need to have next level success.


More Lives Impacted

The nonprofit partners we help are able to focus all of their time and energy into making an even greater eternal impact than they every thought possible.

What people are saying

“I wondered if we had reached the plateau of what we could accomplish and was starting to get discouraged in the call that I felt, but then God led me to Chase at Five&Two and he has been an amazing blessing, bringing new life, energy and vision to our organization. We know we're just scratching the surface now of what we can accomplish together for God's glory!"
Brandon Scott Smith
Founder of No Hungry Children