The Mortgage Law Firm has announced its expansion into Oregon and Washington, adding to the firm’s existing footprint of Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Oklahoma.

Jason Cotton, Owner of The Mortgage Law Firm, said, “We opened these offices, first and foremost, to meet the current needs of our clients. But, the expansion is also a natural progression for our attorneys who grew up in the Pacific Northwest. It is important to The Mortgage Law Firm that we have meaningful roots in the states we represent and these states were a perfect fit.”

Renee M. Parker joined The Mortgage Law Firm in 2017. She is currently the Managing Attorney for the firm’s Washington office. Ms. Parker has over 13 years of experience handling foreclosure matters, complex bankruptcy and civil matters, title insurance issues, and mortgage banking litigation.

Parker was admitted to the Washington State Bar in 2005, California State Bar in 2008, the United States District Court of Colorado in 2010. She was also admitted to The Supreme Court of the United States in 2011 (as well as all its District State Courts), United States Courts for the 9th Circuit in 2011, the Oregon State Bar in 2014, and the Arizona State Bar in 2018. During law school, Parker worked as a Research Assistant to Cynthia Starnes in updating the Article 9 section for Thomson-West’s Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated Uniform Commercial Code Forms, 3rd Edition to reflect the massive revisions of 2001.

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Eric Marshack is the Managing Attorney for The Mortgage Law Firm’s Oregon Office. Marshack has over 10 years of experience specializing in lender related bankruptcy matters, foreclosure cases, trustee defense, title issues, and related litigation in state and federal courts throughout Oregon and Washington. He graduated from the University Of Oregon School of Law in 2004. During school, he was awarded the American Bankruptcy Institute Certificate of Excellence in Bankruptcy. Mr. Marshack has spent his entire legal career in the fields of bankruptcy, creditor’s rights, and related litigation. He is admitted to practice in the states of Oregon and Washington, including all Federal District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts.

The Mortgage Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services in the mortgage default industry, including foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, litigation, REO, title curative, eviction, replevin, and deeds-in-lieu. With the recent expansion, the firm currently has offices located in Temecula, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; Phoenix, Arizona; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Portland, Oregon; and Spokane, Washington.

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