4 Fast and Free Ways to Increase Your Nonprofit’s Website Traffic

If you're looking for some fast and free ways to increase traffic to your website today, you've come to the right place.

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There are a lot of different ways to increase traffic to your nonprofit’s website. And if you’re looking for some fast and free ways to increase traffic to your website today, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss four tactics that you can use to get more visitors to your website. But here’s the catch: you have to be consistent with these tactics for them to work. So let’s get started!

Blogging To Increase Traffic

One great method to get traffic to your website is to start guest blogging. This involves writing articles for other websites in your industry, with a link back to your own website. This is a great way to get exposure for your website and reach new audiences. But make sure that you’re only guest blogging on high-quality websites that are relevant to your industry. If you already have a network of people in your industry, chances are they are wanting to bring traffic to their website too. You can collaborate with them and guest blog on each other’s websites. This will help you both reach new audiences and get more traffic to your respective websites. This is a great way to share your expert knowledge with the world and attract new visitors to your website. You can blog about anything relevant to your industry, just don’t forget to include links back to your website!

While we are on the topic of blogging, a great way to come up with relevant content and have the opportunity to get new traffic to your website for years to come is to search on Quora.com for questions people are asking that are relevant to your nonprofits industry. Take those questions and write a blog post that answers the question, gives examples, or gives practical solutions to the problem. Then you can post your link in the comments of the thread on Quora.com for people to stumble across for years to come. Make sure that you aren’t offering affiliate links on your blog post or trying to sell anything to people when they get to your website. Your main goal is to provide valuable insight and answers to their question! If they feel like you are just trying to get something from them instead of helping them, you very well could scare them away forever!

Leverage Social Media To Increase Traffic and Engagement With Your Nonprofits Cause

This next one a no-brainer, but so many nonprofits aren’t doing it. Another great way to get more traffic to your website is to start a social media profile for your business. This will help you reach new people and connect with your target audience. Make sure to post interesting and engaging content that will get people talking about your business. This means creating great content and then sharing it on your social media channels. Make sure that you’re using hashtags and tagging relevant people or businesses in your posts, so that more people can see your content. If you aren’t actively (daily!) inviting people to come and like your social media pages and you aren’t using hashtags, you will have a stagnant page that never grows. When you constantly market the same message to the exact same people everyday…you will eventually lose them too. Social media is a lot of work but in the end there is massive potential for you to grow your website traffic and ultimately increase the impact that your nonprofit can have on the world!

Search Engine Optimization To Increase Traffic

Another way to get traffic to your website is by optimizing your website for search engines. This means using the right keywords throughout your website content, as well as in your website title and descriptions. This will help your website rank higher in search engine results pages, which will result in more traffic to your website organically. You can also submit your website to relevant directories, which will help increase your website’s visibility. This all goes hand-in-hand with blogging too. Sure, you should add keywords and have proper titles and descriptions on every page of your website, but if you aren’t constantly adding new content on your website that is relevant to your industry and optimized to be found by Google searches, then you are missing out on the whole point of having a website in this digital age we are living in! People are constantly searching Google for answers (and YouTube! So you should be there too!) so the best way to be found is to be where the people are searching. You can use free tools at https://neilpatel.com/ to learn more about how you can optimize your website, how to find relevant keywords to use in your blog posts, and so much more!

Paid Ads….

One last way to get more traffic to your website is by paid advertising. This can be done through Google AdWords or other similar platforms. You can create ads that target specific keywords and then have your ad appear in the search results AT THE TOP when people search for those keywords even if your website doesn’t naturally rank for those keywords. This is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website. I know what you are thinking, “I thought these were free ways to get traffic??”. You are right, that is what I said. Believe it or not, this CAN be free too. If you are a registered nonprofit, then you need to be working towards getting qualified for Google’s Google AdWords Grant. Once you are approved, they will give you $10,000 a month to advertise on their search platform! That was not a typo. $10,000 a month in free advertising on one of the most searched platforms on the planet! There is no reason every single nonprofit on the planet shouldn’t be taking advantage of this! If you would like some help with this, reach out to us! We would love to talk to your nonprofit organization about what it would take help you get approved for this grant!

If you use these four tactics consistently, you should start seeing an increase in traffic to your website within a few weeks. Just remember: consistency is key! So don’t give up if you don’t see results immediately. Keep at it, and you’ll start seeing the payoff.